RARE SPALTED BEECH BOOK MATCHED TABLE. 1950mm long X 780mm wide (4)

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Spalted Beech Book Matched 6-8 Seat Dining Table

1950mm long x 780mm wide x 28mm depth

A truly remarkable table with beautiful colours, patterns and grain.

It has been carefully jointed, machined and finished in hard wearing osmo oil and resin added into the splits which all add to its great finish and appearance.

Spalting naturally occurs when fungi enter the wood. Once the different fungi meet they put up the black defence lines known as zone lines to preserve their food source, whilst this is all happening the fungi also changes the colours in the timber.

In nature the soul purpose of fungi is to break down the wood, but here at Treecycling we have found a way of working with the fungi and the timber to achieve these stunning results without compromising the strength and stability of the timber.

The timber has been kiln dried and the spalting process has now stopped

Different legs are available on request, we hold metal X frame, trapezium or square frame legs. Alternatively we can make bespoke metal and wooden legs to your requirements, please don't hesitate to ask.

As we are a sawmill we hand pick the trees we use for our tables and mill them to get the best from each tree. We are often fortunate to be able to collect the trees from the place they grew which adds to the provenance of the finished pieces.

We only source trees from sustainable sources or trees that have to come down due to weather, dying or becoming dangerous.

National delivery available please contact us for a quote.