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Book Matched Burr Brown Oak Table

Book Matched Burr Brown Oak Table

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Book Matched Burr Brown Oak Table. An eye catching and remarkable piece. Brown Oak at its finest. A truly mesmerizing table with patterns and figure everywhere your eyes stop.


1590mm Long x 900mm Average width.


This table has not been fitted for legs yet, we thought we would leave this one open and let its new owner decide what would suit it best. We are more than happy to make and fit the legs you decide. We have some very skilled wood and metal leg makers that can bring potentially any idea to life.

Please note: The price listed is with standard metal coffee table legs. Please do get in touch if you fancy something a little different.


The top has had 2 coats of Osmo hard wax oil, which is a very hard wearing and spill proof finishing oil, which requires very little maintenance whilst giving it a smooth and tactile finish. 


This was a pollard oak that stood in a field near Badingham, Suffolk. It had been tended to by people throughout its life, having been pollarded every 20-30 years. A practice where people would prune the branches off the top of the trunk (ultimately a hair cut) and use the timber for specific things. this along with Beef Steak Fungi (which has turned the wood brown) has given this wood the wow factor. Sadly with all great things this tree came to an end, due to Lack of maintenance which caused parts of it to split and fall under the weight of its own branches.


National delivery available please contact us with your postcode for a quote.

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