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Book Matched Rippled Sycamore Table

Book Matched Rippled Sycamore Table

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Book Matched Rippled Sycamore Table.


A light-grained book-matched rippled sycamore table with flashes of translucent red resin with chatoyance flashes across the grain and across the surface of the table is also a durable hardwood timber.


1955mm long x 650mm average width x 745mm high.


The metal X frame legs are made from 50mm x 50mm x 3mm thick steel, are white powder coated, and are very stable.

The legs are set at 360mm from either end. Both legs are made to be detachable from the table itself; all that's needed is an Allen key to remove or replace the bolts.


The top has had 2 coats of Osmo hard wax oil, which is a very hard-wearing and spill-proof finishing oil that requires very little maintenance while giving it a smooth and tactile finish.


This Sycamore tree was a significant 1.5 metres across the width of the trunk. It stood alone in the middle of some park land for potentially 200+ years. Age got the better of this veteran tree; the roots failed, and it fell over in a winter storm. We were fortunate enough to get a call to collect it; otherwise, it would have become firewood and been forgotten about forever.


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