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Book Matched Spalted Beech Table

Book Matched Spalted Beech Table

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Book-matched, spalted beech table.

A wild, richly grained, and eye-catching book-matched, spalted beech table with black resin on some corners. It features a web of patterns across the whole surface and through to the underside. This is a testament to nature's artistic palette, as this unique finish was created by fungi moving through the timber. Rest assured, the fungus is no longer active.


2195 mm long,x 720 mm average width, and 75 mm high.


The metal trapezium legs are made from 50mm x 25mm x 3mm thick steel, grey powder coated, and very stable.

The legs are set 280mm in from either end. Both legs are made to be detachable from the table itself; all that's needed is an Allen key to remove or replace the bolts.


The top has had 2 coats of Osmo hard wax oil, which is a very hard-wearing and spill-proof finishing oil that requires very little maintenance while giving it a smooth and tactile finish.


This beech was growing very close to a house and stood nearly 30 metres tall. Sadly, as with most big beech trees, they become weak as they get older. This one was no exception; it started to drop its large branches, so it had to be felled. Beech is a relatively plain wood, so when it came to us, we milled it, introduced specific fungi to the timber, and left nature to do its thing for a year. The results are what you see now; the patterns are known as spalting.


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