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Single Slab Olive Ash Table

Single Slab Olive Ash Table

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Single Slab Olive Ash Table. A gorgeous, richly grained English Ash slab, with pockets of green resin capturing parts of the tree's naturally growing history.


2450mm long, 830mm average width, and 730mm high.


The metal frame legs are made from 50 x 50 x 3mm thick steel, black powder coated, and very stable.

The legs are set 460mm in from either end. Both legs are made to be detachable from the table itself; all that's needed is an Allen key to remove or replace the bolts.


The top has had 2 coats of Osmo hard wax oil, which is a very hard-wearing and spill-proof finishing oil that requires very little maintenance while giving it a smooth and tactile finish.


This old ash once grew on a field boundary next to a road in North Norfolk. Due to its age, signs of ash died back, and due to a general unsafe condition, it sadly had to come down. It suffered from ash canker throughout its life, which causes scars and holes. It was also host to some insect larvae living in it (who have now left), while it was slowly in decline. We captured the larvae tunnels and canker holes by casting them in a light green resin to preserve a part of the tree's history.

Ash is wonderful timber with great colour and patterns throughout, with the brown centre being known as the "Olive" part of the tree. With the rise in Ash Die back, there's undeniably and sadly going to be fewer of these majestic trees in the future.


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