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Large Single Slab Of Olive Ash. 2680 L x 865 - 702 W x 44 D mm (275)

Large Single Slab Of Olive Ash. 2680 L x 865 - 702 W x 44 D mm (275)

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Large Single Slab Olive Ash Table. 

A gorgeous, richly grained English Ash slab,


2680 L x 865 - 702 W x 44 D mm

Please note that we have measured the widest and narrowest widths on the widest side.


A nice piece of dry timber, great colour and grain, ready to use.

Saw marks & holes, suitable for resin work. This slab has been planed although it will need sanding.

Due to its size, it is collected only from Suffolk IP19 0lj.

What does the description mean?

All of the descriptions below are all natural in timber. Some are created when the trees are growing and some occur whilst processing and drying.
If you have any further questions on any items, please don't hesitate to contact us.

End grain splits
These splits go into the wood from the cut ends of the timber.

Surface Splits
They vary between shallow hairline splits to larger wider splits on the timbers flat surfaces.

Loose Bits & Flaky Bits
This is when the wood has become softer in certain parts more than others, or there are soft waney edges.

Planner Tares
These are caused by the planning machine, which smooths the timber. The tares are slight chipmarks on the smooth surfaces.

Saw Marks
Saw marks are from the milling process and sometimes get left on the surfaces to preserve the thickness of the timber.

Worm Holes & Bark Beetles
The holes are caused by insect attack. All are treated before sale to ensure no further infestation.

Waney Edges
This is when the timber keeps 1 or 2 of the natural edges, which may or may not include the bark.

1/4 SAWN
Is when the cut timber has horizontal grain. When cut like this, it is more sought after, as it becomes a more stable timber and in oak shows off the medullary rays.

This is often a favorite of woodturners. It is when the wood has been attacked by fungi, that then leaves black lines and various colours through the timber. It will not carry on growing whilst the wood is dry.

This tends to be Slightly rough and ready timber it can have varying colour, holes, soft bits, splits, shakes nail holes insect holes and so on

This is when the wood concaves across its width.

Please note; the wood has been wiped with a damp cloth prior to photographs being taken, this is to show the timbers natural grain and features and for you to see what it would look like once oiled, waxed or polished.

No stain has been applied to any wood shown. All colours seen are natural to the wood unless otherwise stated.

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